Jill Gotschalk
After a thirty year + career in graphic design and illustration, I find it hard to limit myself to just one medium. Painting, drawing, mixed media and digital composition. I love them all. My clients included the San Diego Zoo, Quiksilver sportswear, Margaritaville, most of the western National Parks, the Smithsonian Museum and The Field Museum of Chicago.

Originally from San Diego, CA, my husband and I made our home in Bigfork, MT in 1994 and never turned back. Small town living is the best and Bigfork is a town of wonderful people who take pride in their city and surrounding wild places.

Currently, I am creating 3 dimensional pieces from paper. Paper was invented in the second century AD. Papier Mache, which means "chewed paper", became a good way to reuse the extra material as it was very expensive to produce.  

As a graphic designer and illustrator, before the computer became an important tool, I used paper. My studio is overflowing with it and so, I decided to find a way to recycle it. Papier Mache was the logical choice!  I mold the paper into a shape, give it a thick coat of gesso, paint it with acrylics and sand a texture into it.  My pieces are light weight, unbreakable and very durable. They can be used as containers for anything but, not recommended for food.

Thank you for appreciating a new twist on an old art form.


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