Dan Doak
Loon Lake Pottery

We make the pots, stack the kiln, collect the wood, build and feed the fire.  We seek the accidents of heat and ash: new objects of beauty and utility emerge.  The fire gives our pots nuance and life.  A huge investment of time and energy; but a process justified by it's unpredictability, by the mysteries, the flow and accidents that lie beyond our control.  Beauty lies in this process.

The soul of the pot is exposed to the intense atmosphere, the raw flash of the woodfire.  The work interacts directly with the flame, bringing to the surface all the color bearing oxides in the clay or glaze. There is an infinite richness in the variables of form, texture and surface. Flashing patterns, rough-smooth surfaces, wet-dry surfaces created by melt or unmelted ash and glaze application.  These surfaces and color patterns serve as a permanent visual record of the wood firing.  The resulting surface is a palette of color and surface variaton hard to achieve in any other firing process.

The work itself is the best statement about the woodfire aesthetic.  The woodfiring process exposes the work to violent heat and flame, subjecting the clay to great stress, yet sensitive enough to capture the fire's visual, tactile, effects.  The very fire that can ruin our best work can also bless it beyond our highest expectations. Some work will not survive; other work will not measure up. Occasionally, one receives a sense of cosmic blessing emanating from woodfired work; the feeling that everything and everyone was at the right place at the right time. The only way to prove this improbable conjunction is the existence of the work itself.

Art is made from dreams and visions and things not known, least of all from thin air.

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