Darla Myers

My art portrays my passions for shapes and color and the natural world around us. I paint based on my observations while out in nature, combining direct memories from photos with the emotional impressions left with me. My tendency is to choose colors and feeling over form, which gives my work its whimsical abstract quality. Colors are chosen intuitively, often not what the eye sees. I aim to capture the viewer with my colors and feelings of the familiar, leaving them with a fresh new impression through which to view their world.

I choose to portray a sense of vibrancy and joy in my paintings, in contrast to many situations encountered during my career as an Registered Nurse, mostly in the Emergency Department.

Since studying watercolor painting in a class in 1998 I have had a new focal point in my life of making and observing art. I started in watercolor, drawn in by it’s fresh and fluid nature. Currently depending on subject and mood (both me and the subject at hand), I also paint in acrylic and oil, however recently I have been concentrating mainly on encaustic painting-molten beeswax and damar resin. I am drawn to it’s luscious presence, as well as it’s translucence and sculptural qualities. 


Darla Myers Artist Bio

Darla Myers was born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon. Myers has painted predominately in encaustic for the past 8 years. She is self taught, and has been painting and participating in art related classes and workshops regularly since a watercolor class began it all in 1998.

Myers is also a Registered Nurse, which has allowed her to live in the outdoor accessible places she loves, including the Central Colorado Rockies, Anchorage, AK and now Bozeman, MT. She has practiced as an RN mainly in the Emergency Department and spent 2 years working in Alaska as a Flight RN while developing her art practice in tandem. Inspiration for her art comes from daily dog walks and hikes, being out in the fresh air, mountains, forests, or viewing the ever-changing sky. Sometimes these observations are directly portrayed in paintings, while at other times it her collected memory of these experiences that surface in more abstracted artworks. She values joy and feels her paintings are successful when they make people pause and smile in response to them with memories of the familiar.

Myers has exhibited in solo shows at The Fireweed Gallery, Homer, AK, Snow City Cafe, Anchorage, AK, Bozeman Co-op, Sola Cafe, Bozeman; and The Freeman Gallery, Livingston, MT. She was a founding partner of the Upstairs Studio an Artist Studio Co-op and Gallery, in Anchorage, AK. Myers was a 2015 participant in the Montana Artrepreneur Program (MAP). Currently she lives and paints in Bozeman, MT. 

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