Lael Gray
I was born and raised just outside of Kalispell, Montana, where I instinctively took to the beauty of the surrounding landscape.  In 2012, I obtained my Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting from The University of Montana.  I have studied in Amiens France, Venice Italy, and San Diego California.  I have also been fortunate enough to study under artist, teacher, and friend, John Poon.   
The Montana of my youth has played a large role in the subject matter and inspiration for my paintings.  My fascination with the old masters, from the renaissance era to the impressionists, has all contributed to the continuous shaping of my art.  I am primarily an oil painter and am interested in capturing the reality of the landscape in our contemporary context.  I work mostly from life composing my large studio works using my own oil and watercolor studies, graphite sketches, and still life objects.  I am drawn to simple, effective arrangements of the land.  I keep loose, expressive yet descriptive brushwork.  This allows the viewer’s eye to fill in parts of the story with themselves.  I hope to create a personal rapport with the viewer, both of us bringing something to the piece.  I allow for space in my work, space to breath and reflect.  In some of my work, I distill the elements of the landscape in order to raise up and bring attention not only to the subject itself and what it has to say, but also to the tradition of representational painting.  These simple objects of our land are incredibly striking in their own rite.  I find great beauty in it all.

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