Greg Yeager
  After 35 years, in the farming business, I retired in 2014. I've always enjoyed working with wood. I have built many things, from furnishings, cabinetry, and even worked for contractors, on different projects, in my time off from farming.
   About 2 years ago, I found my passion, in wood turning. I started with smaller pieces and through much hard work, and trial and error, my turning skills grew. I have grown into turning wine stoppers, to bowls and vases. each piece I do, is different, with intricate thought and design. I use many different exotic woods. I am very particular in choosing my wood and putting together color choices.
  a segmented turned bowl, can be made in any number of sizes and shapes. they can consist of up to 2000 or more pieces of wood, cut, glued, and turned, on a lathe. each step is very well thought out, deciding on which woods to use, which shape desired, and which design I will use. I usually always have a 2nd piece planned, in my thoughts, while working another.
  segmented turnings, consist of segmented rings, and a solid base, using many different sizes and angles of turning tools, throughout the piece. each stage, involves, the planning, cutting and assembly, that has to be very precise and accurate. quality work leaves no room for error. a close fit, is. To close enough. It has to be perfect. this is what I strive for.
  All my pieces, are started off as a sketch, or picture, which I draw and develop on graph paper. From size and shape, to which colors of wood to use. I always throw in a "popper", for an eye. At her. The finishing stage of each piece, is very important, I want it perfected to a beautiful shine. This takes time and lots of sanding and buffing between coats of finish.
  I must say my wood turning, has turned into a satisfying obsession, in my life. I love the inspiration, of creating elegant forms, with intricate designs. I love the challenge of, the beauty of wood.
  I am Montana certified and my logo is, EastSlope Woodwork, located in Choteau, Montana, Home of the Rockie Mountain Front.

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