Audrey Rosulek
White snowy mountains and gray skies fill my environment for the long winter.
The air is cold and crisp. 
When summer arrives, the air turns hot and dry while fluffy clouds fill the endless sky. 
The mountains become polka-dotted with smokey fire.
The seasons change in the background of my life, and inspire my work.
I translate my daily landscape into playful abstract drawings that wrap around
 the surface of my ceramic pots. My drawings are full of scribbles and smudges,
 which can be a form of spontaneous expression
 or a means to hide something that wasn't good enough.
When I am making pottery, the forms I create are soft and smooth,
offering a sense of gentleness to the user.
Some areas of my pots receive glaze, providing protection,
while other spaces are left raw, exposed, and vulnerable.
My pots are intended for use. 
A space exists between people and pottery where quiet exchange can happen. 
Handmade pots hold nourishment for the spirit and body and, in return,
are held close by those that own and use them. Audrey Rosulek was born, raised, educated and currently resides in Montana.
In 2002, she graduated from the University of Montana with a BFA in painting and drawing.
Her introduction to clay began in 2009 with community pottery classes
and regional workshops. Audrey's functional ceramic work, which is continually inspired
by the snowy mountains that surround her, now combines her background in drawing
with her love of clay.
She has been a Resident Artist at The Clay Studio of Missoula, and in May 2012
Audrey was selected as an Emerging Artist by Ceramics Monthly magazine.


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