Carol Ann Rasmussen
Color has always been my passion whether I am making sculptures or
pottery in clay, or painting in alcohol inks. In order to express my love of color,
I formulate my own glazes which are then fired on my clay works to
give them the desired effects.
Alcohol inks provide me another avenue to introduce an array of color
to a two dimensional form of art.
My feelings are externalized in the making of works of art that expresses
 my joy by using color and/or humor as a vehicle to enjoy the best parts of my day.
I first experienced this joy of color in a class at the University of Montana with Rudy Audio,
mixing the pigments on my palette, realizing there are no limits to the experiences of color.
Later, I found expression in the chemistry of glazes and texture working with clay.
I celebrate my life in making art. Carol Ann Rasmussen creates recognizable subjects stylized through the use of
repetitive patterns creating fanciful forms based on nature.
She has learned to convey the essence of form through use of powerful shapes,
contrasting colors, and unexpected twists that unify the composition.
Her sculpture is known for a series of dogs, fish and birds, whereas her paintings tend
toward surreal landscapes, occasionally interspersed with fanciful botanicals.
The paintings reveal jewel-like colors of high intensity which have been washed onto a
specially glossed matrix material, upon which the alcohol inks flow into one another.
Rasmussen is a pioneer in this art form.

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