Jess Rosier
Jess Rosier lives with her husband, two children, and three dogs in a small, but sweet,
little house in Whitefish. She has a variety of day jobs and, lately, has had very little
time for her art. But that is about to change! 
Collage and assemblage are her two favorite artistic passions. Her work is textured, upcycled,
recycled, some say "whimsical", and always offbeat yet charming. 
She recently had an important conversation with her older sister, Meredith, who is an
accomplished artist and teacher living in upstate New York, about art. 
They agreed that, for them, the point of art is NOT to sell it, become famous, or make
lots of money.  The point of art, rather, is to enjoy the process of art for oneself.
We make art, because we crave and love the creative process. 
For Jess, her end results are always a surprise.  Her work unfolds throughout the process,
which is the greatest fun of all ....For her,  making art is much like slowly unwrapping an
entirely unique, singular gift....except better! 
Never ever replicated, each piece of Jess' work is indeed, one of a kind.


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