Jessica Glenn
Having grown up in rural areas of the East Coast and now settled in the mountains of Montana, I have developed an appreciation for antiquated structures and their enduring craftsmanship. Everywhere are the relics of functional, yet aesthetic designs from our bygones, leaving records of how we’ve carved out a culture from the surrounding landscape. I try to illustrate this historical testament to the need for art and beauty in humans’ sometimes mundane, everyday lives.
I am also inspired by Western cultural objects, and native flora and fauna. The world educates us through sensory experiences, so surface textures are ever-important in my art. Watercolor’s clean simplicity allows me the control I desire for crisply rendered, textural details found in my subjects, whether it be a ghost town saloon, wrinkled leather cowboy boots, or the patterned foliage of a Rocky Mountain wildflower.
My goal in my work is to capture not only the unique physical attributes of my subject matter, but also what story it has to tell. Just as illustrations in a book are experienced intimately, I want encounters with my paintings to inspire a closer look, a moment of private study and appreciation for thoughtfully crafted areas of character and definition.


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