Sherry Wells

    I make wheel thrown and altered serving, dining and decorative ware from porcelain and white stoneware.  I seek to enhance the experience everyday dining rituals, using Art that is touched, used, and enjoyed daily.  I believe everyday Art enhances, giving simple elegance to everyday life.  It also makes a connection between maker and user/holder to another human when holding a handmade piece; taking a moment to feel the shape, texture and energy of the piece, keeping in mind it was make by another's hands.


Clay is a primal, living material; working with it gives me a sense of connectedness, similar to working in soil when gardening.  Each piece of pottery is made from porcelain or white stoneware, individually thrown on a potter’s wheel, then altered and/or hand built to complete. I have found joy and inspiration in my studio working with this earthy substance, throwing and altering shapes.  My forms continuously change and grow from previous forms bringing new shapes along new challenges.  Line and form drive my making, I strive for a sense of flow or movement in my pieces; I gently curve, fold and cut the clay to enhance a feeling of movement.  I am inspired by forms found in the natural world, curving of motion, such as water or air, as it moves around obstacles and eddys.

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